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Request a Long Distance Healing with Rev. Munro

Rev. Munro now provides "Distance" or "Absent" healing services to those individuals who seek God's Blessings through Rev. Munro's special prayers without having to visit him personally. Once the complete request is received, a member of the Christ Light Ministries staff will present the request to Rev. Munro who will will begin to act upon it within 24 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: The healing request should be made with the consent of the person wanting Rev. Munro's services.
If the person is too ill, or too incapacitated, to write or use the computer keyboard, someone may assist by performing these tasks for them. But the request for healing must sincerely originate from the individual to be healed. 

Step 1:
Please fill in the form below.

Step 2:
Send a current picture via scanned e-mail attachment or by regular mail.
If sending via e-mail attachment use the full birth name as the subject of the email and also the file name of the attachment. 
If sending via regular mail print the full birth name on the front or back of the picture.

Step 3:
Send your pre-healing donation via credit card over the internet by or money order through regular mail. 
If using a credit card over the internet type the full birth name in the space provided for a message. 
If sending regular mail be sure to enclose, or write on the money order somewhere, the full birth name.


You are about to begin with step 1 (scroll down). You will automatically be taken to the next step each time you click the continue button.

See Rev. Munro perform an actual healing!              



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 Step 1: Providing Information for the Healing Service Request

Please fill in the information below:

The full original birth name:

The full date of birth - Long text format please. 
For example: May 5, 1950 - NOT 5/5/50

Place of birth - City, State, and Country:

An in-depth description of the healing service request:

YOUR email address:

Just as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges do not normally occur over night, neither do miraculous positive changes normally occur over night... although often they do. Each person is a universe unto themselves, and thus each will react in a different way and in a different timing. Much depends upon the individual requesting the help - attitude, desire for positive change, inner make up, and many other factors. God will do His part and you will have to do your part.

The best preparation for an individual is to be open to God, and the ability of the body to heal itself with the proper assistance. 

Many factors come into effect in aiding a body's ability to be healed. (Changed positively in the Light of God.) Some of these are proper diet, rest, mental and emotional attitude, and change in self-destructive habits in one's life.

If one maintains an attitude of close-mindedness to the ability of God to aid in one's own healing, this alone will oftentimes prevent a person's body from healing itself - even in the awesome presence of the Grace of God. God will not go against our free will.



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