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Rev. William Munro
A man of Prayer...
An Instrument of God

Rev. William Munro is an ordained Minister and gifted as an Instrument of God's Healing & other Blessings. He is known as a man of miracles, but states he is nothing more than an Instrument of God's Power, and has totally dedicated his life in Service to God for over 35 years. Rev. Munro is one of the founders of Christ Light Ministries. He is widely known for his compassionate heart and the many miracles from God that have been worked through him. 

30 years ago, Rev. Munro was directed to leave his home in Mexico City and immigrate to the United States, where he was to quietly share his God given gift with all who sought God's Healing and Blessings. 

From his small office in San Jose, California, Rev. Munro has been quietly doing God's work, mostly among the poor non English speaking immigrants all over the state, but also healing individuals who have heard the stories by word of mouth, and have ventured from all parts of the globe, seeking help and relief from their various afflictions and diseases. 

Over the years, the number of visitors has increased, and Rev. Munro works late into the night, praying for those who have come to him for help.  Still, he prayed to God to be of greater service. 


TV Aura photographs of Rev. Munro reveal a dramatic difference between a normal state and during a healing. 

The following is from the camera's computer analysis of the second photo:
You are a natural, clear conduit for Spiritual Healing Energy. In your present state you channel *Pure,* Divine, White Light and heal others with your presence. Your Primary focus in life at this point is *Spiritual.*  You  have a healing effect on all those around you. White is a mixture of all the colors, therefore, it is the most powerful. It indicates an Intense Healing Experience. You have a healing effect on all those you encounter. White in the heart chakra tells us that you radiate with a mysterious inner light and have a strong connection with the Divine. You live by faith and intuition. You are an inspiration to those around you. You work to heal yourself and others. Always you see the bigger picture.  Many times you exist in another world far more beautiful and humane than the one in which everyone else lives.

Rev. Munro's Prayers are Answered


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It has been just recently, that God has granted Rev. Munro the fulfillment of his prayers to be of greater service.  After 35 years of humble quiet service, providing help in many ways, God has directed Rev. Munro to expand his ministry: to make the gift of God's Blessings readily available to all who are ill and in need, no matter what corner of the globe they may live. 

It was this directive that led Rev. Munro to team with two other God gifted ministers to form Christ Light Ministries and the creation of the Christ Light Web Site.

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